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Our Hickory jerky has a distinctive bite of country barbecue sweetness and tang. And just as you’re beginning to settle in to enjoy that, you’re hit in the back of the head with the incredible aroma of smoky woodchips. Let your senses take you back to the good ol’ fashioned camp out. Imagine—a bonfire, cold beer and jerky. A perfect camping combo.

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Make your next activity a tasty one, with our premium tender jerky. We use lean cuts of local Aussie beef, slowly, slowly marinated, slowly, slowly dried and then perfectly preserved in our vacuum sealed (BPA free) Cryovac bags. The result is a rewarding full-bodied, flavourful snack that leaves you wanting more.

Your next crazy adventure needs the best fuel around. We’ve got you covered!

1 review for Hickory

  1. michelle@yourrealtyqld.com.au

    The best Jerky we have ever had! Quick shipping and great service! We will definitely be buying again.

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