The Jerky Lady Story

Where it all began

Like most truly awesome things, The Jerky Lady began in a small Aussie country town, where busy mum (and consummate foodie) Catherine Windsor had a passion for jerky making. The store-bought stuff just wasn’t cutting it (rubbery, dry or rock hard!). And she wanted to produce fine-textured jerky that would be absolutely tender and utterly delicious.

She tested and finetuned and tested and finetuned and when she was finally satisfied started sharing her tasty jerky with friends and family. One friend, ultra-impressed with the premium, mouth-watering jerky, offered to sell a batch at the local bowls club. No one was surprised when it was a runaway success and instantly sold out.

Facebook followers came in droves and The Jerky Lady won some huge accolades at the nationally recognized Mr Chilli Awards (1st place and two 2nd places!). Soon The Jerky Lady had a huge following with sales to match. The busy mum suddenly found herself busier than ever cooking up a storm and selling to local pubs, butchers and retail stores. The Jerky Lady was off and running!

Who we are today

In 2020 Mrs Windsor wanted more time with her family and Evelyne and Scott Deem were waiting in the jerky-scented wings! With a history of making their own jerky and a passion for the flavours and textures that jerky offers, their fresh approach is taking The Jerky Lady to another level.

Like every well-loved child, The Jerky Lady has grown. But we still use the same well-loved recipes. We still handcraft each batch in-house. We still use high-quality products and Australian beef from local suppliers. And we’ll continue to guarantee that every piece of jerky is homemade by true jerky lovers.

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