100% Aussie Beef Jerky

Make your next adventure a tasty one

  • australian beef jerky original falvour
  • Australian beef jerky bbq flavour
  • Australian beef jerky chilli flavour
  • Australian beef jerky hickory flavour
  • Australian beef jerky pepper and ginger flavour

Pick from 5 beaut flavs!

Our jerky is handcrafted from lean cuts of premium Aussie beef, marinated in thick, rich flavours, cured for lengthy periods and then preserved in vacuum-sealed (BPA free) Cryovac bags for the longest-lasting tasty freshness. 

The result is a mouth-watering, protein-rich snack that's tender-liciously addictive (and never, ever rubbery or hard).
$6 postage or FREE for orders over 100 bucks.

100% Aussie Beef

Premium lean cuts

Longer Curing

You can’t rush perfection

Vacuum Sealed

Enjoy full-bodied juicy flavs


Homemade by jerky lovers

beef jerky and beer coaster
Our tender jerky complements all types of beverages, so much so that we incorporated a drink coaster with our packaging.

We love bragging about our fine tender jerky 

But we love hearing it from our customers even more. So, would you give us a thrill and leave a product review? 

  • "The Original jerky was given to me by a friend, who recommended that I give this a try and an honest review. This Jerky is thick sliced and sticky once the packet is opened with almost a glazed crisp outer. On first biting into it and ripping in with my teeth, the interior is surprisingly soft… Flavour wise, it has a rich coating, with a nice hint of Chilli that follows, not to the extent of being hot, more on a pleasant, unexpected chilli bite. This was shared with a mate while enjoying a few beers on the back deck on a cold 25 degree afternoon in mid-winter. I really enjoyed ‘Original Jerky’ with a Sweet Balsamic hit, the unexpected chilli hit and that almost bbq ribs stickiness left on the fingers. I really enjoyed this and having never before tried brand, I have since contacted the owner, and thanked her personally. A great little artisan product from central Queensland. Can’t wait to try the other flavours that The Jerky Lady herself has promised to send."

    1st Review by Chef Andrew 18 July 2017

  • "This Chilli jerky was sent to me by the Chilli lady herself, along with the taste of Asia, BBQ and Hickory smoke. This Jerky, like the Original, is thick sliced and sticky once the packet is opened, and also has a glazed crisp outer. The interior is surprisingly soft, then BOOM the Chilli hits… Flavour wise, it has a rich coating, coated with Flaked chilli, with a hit of Chilli that will certainly make this a favourite of those that appreciate a quality Chilli jerky. This was consumed on a cooler evening of 12 degrees along with a cold Coopers (the Coopers was for palate cleansing purposes only….. Disclaimer).

    To say I enjoyed ‘Chilli Jerky’ would be an understatement, the chilli hit and that signature BBQ ribs stickiness left on the fingers is a trademark that I am getting used to and is very pleasing indeed. This would go down a treat, torn apart and tossed through an Asian salad. The Jerky Lady Products are fast becoming the Jerky to watch out for, along with IRONHIDE. It’s great to see these little artisan products popping up all around Queensland.

    For heat, I would give this jerky a 5 out of 10. For flavour, this Flavour achieves a score of 9 out of 10.”

    2nd review by Chef Andrew on 21 July 2017

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Thick cut Australian lean beef
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