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Our BBQ jerky is popular with all generations making it a family fave. So much so it can cause a Sunday arvo family gathering to look like a David Attenborough wildlife doco. The juveniles keep circling back for the jerky like a pack of rabid hyenas while the elders band together to chase the pack away. But our jerky is worth the raw animal drama—and the winners enjoy the spoils!

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Make your next activity a tasty one, with our premium tender jerky. We use lean cuts of local Aussie beef, slowly, slowly marinated, slowly, slowly dried and then perfectly preserved in our vacuum sealed (BPA free) Cryovac bags. The result is a rewarding full-bodied, flavourful snack that leaves you wanting more.

What are you waiting for? We’ve got your jerky ready for your next adventure (wildlife or not)!

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    The best Jerky we have ever had! Quick shipping and great service! We will definitely be buying again.

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